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Following up on my post from a week ago, I have another point to make about consulting, specifically as a developer. If you are working with developers on the client side, you can’t just go barreling into the project with a mindset that the coding standard/process/whatever needs to be a certain way. Conversely, consultants shouldn’t let clients write bad code. There’s a happy medium between the two where you can meet the client’s coding standards but still suggest changes in coding standards/processes. Read more »

Humility > Arrogance

Being a consultant means that sometimes, unfortunately, you have to do some ass-kissing. When a product manager at a major corporation tells you that they’re having a hard time using a feature you built and claims that “it’s buggy”, you should ask them if they have time for you to demonstrate the feature and ask them how it can be improved. Opening up this line of communication strengthens your relationship with the client and shows them that you are easy to work with. Read more »

The Hard Way

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people who aren’t coders, but want to learn how to code, either for themselves or for their career. If you are one of those individuals, there are a few principles you should know about learning to write code that will save you in the long run and give you leverage in a fluctuating market. Read more »

What Should College-Level Programmers Know About The Real World?

On Feburary 1st, I had the opportunity to see a keynote presentation by [Professor Brian Kernighan]( at Princeton University for Drupal Camp NJ. (I know, this entry is at least a month late.) Unfortunately, not everyone knows who he is. However, I would hope that people at least know about his contributions to the field of computer science. These include, but are not limited to: Read more »