On "Reinventing the Wheel"

I ranted a little bit on Twitter today about being told about things having been done before when expressing my ideas to others. I wanted to expand a little bit on that, because on Twitter there usually isn’t enough space to fit all of my thoughts. I tend to get a little wordier than I want to be sometimes. Anyway. Read more »

New Years Resolutions: Open Source Edition

Today is one of the last few days in December. (It also happens to be my dad’s birthday. My dad is arguably the biggest open source influence in my life. Happy birthday, Dad!) I thought I’d go over some things I’d like to do more and better in the new year. Now is when I admit that I’ve been somewhat selfish with my time; I went back to school this year and I’m out of my house for about 12 hours a day. Though I have donated money to various causes, I have not really spent a significant amount of time giving back to any community. That needs to change. Read more »

Semester Report: Fall 2014

We’re rounding out the semester at Pace University this week with finals. I learned a lot about what kinds of projects can benefit developing regions around the world as well as how to manage projects. I also have a pretty in-depth idea of what project managers and those who are less fortunate than us have to deal with on a daily basis. My last major assignment is due tomorrow, so I’ll be working on completing that tonight. Read more »