Mid-2015 Update

Oh hey, it’s been a while—about six months since I last wrote. So much for writing more this year. In my defense, my Ghost blog was lost when I had to leave my last host in a hurry. I thought that my server was being compromised, so I decided that it was for the best to switch back to a shared host. I’m also writing a separate post on how I migrated my data and how I set up Jekyll, which is running this blog now. I discovered that Jekyll was the best option for me right now because it was very quick to get everything running and deployed. This website is now completely static and it’s quicker for me to write entries and deploy code updates.

As for school this spring, I did alright. I expected to lose my scholarship due to the fact that I made more time for work than for school. I still passed my classes; I got an A in Data Warehousing, Mining and Visualization, which was very unexpected, so I’m not upset about it. I also decided to take a summer class, which didn’t work out as well. I still have yet to finish and send in my remaining assignments, which I’ve been putting on the back burner. The reasons for that are that the assignments weren’t terribly interesting, but they were tedious. In the end, work got in the way again, which ended up paying off. I was promoted to Project Manager this past week, which still feels surreal to me. It’s made me feel more confident in myself, because that my managers have my back and decided that I’m ready for this level of responsibility. I still have a lot to learn around the processes, but I’m sure now that I’ll get it.

Because of work getting in the way, lack of personal time, and family issues, I have decided to switch my school schedule to one class per semester. In the fall, I’ll be taking Network Security online. I’ve been trying to focus on security overall in school, but not just because of the security issues I had on my dedicated server. This is its description on Pace University’s website:

This course covers the most important issues and topics in the huge area of computer and network security. Topics include: Encryption techniques, (DES, AES, Contemporary Symmetric Ciphers, Public Key Cryptography and RSA), message authentication and hash functions, digital signatures and authentication protocols, IP security (IPsec), SNMP vulnerabilities, e-mail security, secure socket layer (SSL) and transport layer security, web security, intruders, malicious software and firewalls.
Source: Pace University Graduate Catalog

Pace’s fall semester begins on September 2, 2015, which is just over a month away—a scary thought.

Other than that, I hope to write a lot more very soon. I have some posts in the queue that will be more informative and useful than this one. There’s also still a lot I’ve noticed is broken and have to fix about this site, and I’ll get to it as soon as I can. I need to do some work this weekend to make sure that one of the sites I’m working on at work gets finished so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

So if you like the new site, let me know in the comments section below. Please be gentle; I’m not a designer. I tried to keep it simple enough that not too much thought had to go into the UX and not too much effort was required to produce the UI.