Semester Report: Fall 2014

We’re rounding out the semester at Pace University this week with finals. I learned a lot about what kinds of projects can benefit developing regions around the world as well as how to manage projects. I also have a pretty in-depth idea of what project managers and those who are less fortunate than us have to deal with on a daily basis. My last major assignment is due tomorrow, so I’ll be working on completing that tonight.

I’m not entirely sure that I was able to keep my scholarship though, because this semester was particularly rough. I spent half my time doing homework and the other half planning for my wedding, which happened just three weeks ago. I will be keeping this domain, because it’s still technically my name and I haven’t yet filed all of the paperwork involved in changing it yet. I’m also 26 years and 2 weeks old now, which just felt like any other day because it fell in the middle of the honeymoon. From now on, my anniversary will always be exactly a week before my birthday. Easy to remember.

This winter break will be spent reflecting on the last semester, upgrading my personal site, experimenting with new technology and possibly finally making decent contributions to open source projects. I hope to start building a system based on a framework with which I can replatform this site. I’m also prototyping some new designs for the front end that are less black-and-white and more colorful. I won’t spend the whole time working though; I also have a list of video games to play, thought-provoking books to read and cookies to bake. ♥

Also, some of you may have noticed a post I wrote back in August about WordCamp that I just published today. I’m becoming a bit more lenient about what I post on my blog, because I’m saving the super strict ones for the company blog.