Learning Python...

I’m attempting to learn Python, but I’m having some issues with it so far. For example, I’m having trouble getting this loop to break, even after looking to Stack Overflow for a solution:

choice = -1
while choice != 0:
  # Code that asks what the user wants to do, etc. When 0 is chosen, the loop doesn't break.
  choice = raw_input()
  # Exit the loop.
  if choice == 0: break

Pastebin version

I read that the while part is ignored after it’s run, which seems strange to me, since every other language I have used checks that line every time. That’s why the line that reads if choice == 0: break is necessary.

If I ever figure it out, I’ll update this post. Conversely, if anyone can push me in the right direction, the comments on this post are open.

UPDATE: I was checking the choice variable incorrectly. The raw_input is actually coming in as a string, which would be checked like this:

if choice == '0': break

Or, you can force it as an int, like so…:

choice = int(raw_input())

…and use the original integer check, which might be safer. You can also use float() in order to force input to be converted into a floating point number.

In my defense, I haven’t worked with a strictly-typed language in years, so this is a nice refresher. I’m posting this because I’m told that Python is a good programming language for novices and I know that when I was fairly novice, I needed help understanding typing. More on this later, I suppose.